About us

  • EGA Master is the most awarded hand tool manufacturer. This is proven by the long list of awards that the company has received since its foundation, both in areas related to product innovation, as well as excellence in business management and talent.

  • Full list of received awards:

Arizmendiarrieta-Anitua Award: Values and Best Practices in the Inclusive Participatory Company Model2024
Finalist Prize for Climate Neutrality, Decarbonization, and Energy Transition 2023
First Prize for Good Practices in Sustainable Industrialization, Clean Energies, and Eco-design2023
Mahou-San Miguel Foundation Youth Employment Promotion Award 20222022
DHL 2022 Finalist Award for the Most Innovative Export2022
International Quality Innovation Award EGA Solutions, Excellence Finland Laatukeskus2022
Quality Innovation Award EGA Solutions, Euskalit 2021
ISO 37001:2017 Certificate 2021
ISO 45001:2018 Certificate 2020
San Diego's most innovative product2019
Banco Santander Award2019
International Quality Innovation Award, Beijing 2019
Quality Innovation Award, Euskalit 2018
Confebask Award, Best Instructor, 2018
Green Pact Award for good environmental practices, 2018
Company of the year, El Correo - Banco Sabadell, 2018
Vodafone-Deia Industrial Innovation Award, 2017
International Business Award BANKIA-ACOCEX, 2016
Quality Innovation Award, Euskalit 2016
SInnovative SME Stamp from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, 2016
ISO 14001:2015, 2015
ISO 9001:2015, 2015
Employers Federation Award for a Lifelong Entrepreneurial Achievement, 2014
Basque Language Award, 2014
OHSAS 18001, 2014
Linguistic Certification, 2014
Internationalization Award, Chamber of Commerce, 2013
International Business Award 2013 by IE Business School, 2013
Award to the Most Innovative Industrial Product, Ferroforma 2013
BIKAIN certificate, 2013
Ruban d’Honneur, European Business Awards 2012/13
International Award by Development Systems to the Best Business Model, 2012
Internationalization Award by The Spanish Exporters and Investors Club, 2011
Finalist Award for Best Practice in Innovation, by CEX Spanish Association of Centers of Excellence, 2011
Iberoamerican Award for Quality Managament & Excellence 2010, Premio Oro
Company Succession National Award, 2010
Gold Medal, National Office of Standards and Normalization of Cuba, 2010
“Dato de Oro” Award on Corporate Social Responsability, 2010
European Award to the Best Practice in Innovation, by the EFQM Forum 2010
Industrial Excellence Finalist Award by IESE (Spain), INSEAD (France) and WHU (Germany) Business Schools, 2010
Great Entrepreneur Award for the Founder and Chairman of EGA Master, 2010
R&D Award for Safety Tools, 2010
EFQM Golden Q Award, 2009
Human Award for its Strategy Based on People, 2009
ICIL Award to Excellence in Logistics, 2009
Finalist Award to the Best Company Website, 2009
ISO 9001:2008, 2009
Principe Felipe Award to Corporate Excellence in Competitiveness, 2008
Principe Felipe Finalist Award to Corporate Excellence in Internationalization, 2008
Toribio Echevarria Export Award, 2008
EFQM Silver Q Award, 2008
Gold Medal by the Cuban Office of Normalization, 2008
“Dato de Oro” Finalist Award on Corporate Social Responsibility, 2008
The Fine Arts Circle of Spain choses the Basque Wrench for its “Usefulness of Design” Exhibition, 2008
Excellence Award to the Professional Integration of Young People by Novia Salcedo Foundation, 2008
Best Product Award for Mastergrip, 2007
Best Design Award National Office of Industrial Design of Cuba, 2007
ISO 14001:2004, 2007
5 Medals received at the International Invention Competition in Paris, “Concours Lepine", Paris 2007
Quality Award, Ministry of Construction of Cuba, 2007
Best Tool Award by “Spanish Inventor’s Club”, 2007
Gold Medal, National Office of Standards and Normalization of Cuba, 2006
Best Design Award, National Office of Industrial Design of Cuba, 2006
EFQM Silver Q Award, 2005
Prince Felipe Finalist Award to Corporate Excellence, 2005
ARGILAN Award for Gender Equality at the Work Place, 2005
5 Medals received at the International Invention Competition in Paris, “Concours Lepine”, Paris 2004
Young Businessman Award, 2003
Special Prize of French Inventor Association, 2003
Silver Medal at the World Congress of Innovation and Invention, Paris 2003
Ekoskan Diploma , 2003
ISO 9001:2000, 2003
EFQM Excellence Diploma, 2002
Innovation Award at Metalmaq, 2001
International Quality Award, Paris 1998
Company of the Year, 1998