EGA Master has renewed its range of wooden and fiberglass handles to satisfy the demand from the most professional user. The handle-head fixation is reinforced in both handle types, completely avoiding the disattachment of the head from the handle. Their manufacturing materials guarantee a durable use. For these reasons, EGA Master handles are a quality guarantee for industrial uses.

Egamaster - Hammer 1 Parts

  1. High resistance special steel.
  2. 50-58HRC in impact area (ISO 15601).
  3. Grey hammer tone finishing.
  4. Safety pin or conical go-through handle for perfect fixation handle-head.
  5. Reinforced piece to avoid the breakage of the handle in its critical zone.
  6. High quality wooden handle.
  7. Conical wedge to improve the pressure distrution.

Egamaster - Hammer 2 Parts

  1. High resistance special steel.
  2. 50-58HRC in hitting face (ISO 15601).
  3. Grey hammer tone.
  4. Conical go-through handle or safety pin for perfect fixation to the head.
  5. Ultra-resistant fiberglass.
  6. Handle outer zone in PP and TPR: strength and adherence.