The use of scissors to cut ties can result in wire damage. This is, in fact, the main cause of faults and delays in industrial applications. It is also a potential safety hazard.

Egamaster - Tie Cutter

The EGA Master tie cutter cuts ties in an easy and quick way, and without damaging the wires:

  • The special design of the blades allows cutting the very tightly held cable-ties without damaging the cables.

    Egamaster - Tie Cutter Design

  • Compulsory in the automotive, aviation, white line, electricity and network industries where the use of scissors or knives can involuntary damage the cables and incur serious safety problems and resolution costs.

  • It allows cutting cables of up to 10 mm in diameter.

    Egamaster - Tie Cutter Cutting Length

  1. Scissors and knives damage the cables.
  2. With Ega Master’s new plastic tie cutter you can cut the cable-ties safely.

Egamaster - Safety Tie Cutter