Egamaster - Torche Parts

  1. Excellent resistance to high temperatures, reaching even 1750°C.
  2. The gas regulator allows the adjustment of the flame dimensions.
  3. Piezoelectric self-ignition to avoid using external agents.
  4. Available for standard cartidges with 7/16” thread.
  5. Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and effective use.

  • EGA Master is the maker with the widest range of torches, with tips from Ø25mm to Ø76mm, and hoses with lenghts from 2 to 10m.
Egamaster - European Type Torche
  • Several models of torches with piezoelectric ignition for all different proffesional uses.
Egamaster - Torche
  • There are several solutions for jobs in which the use of gas cylinders is not possible.
Egamaster - Blowlamp