EGA Master EGA Master Titanium Tools have been developed with the help of the most advanced technology. They are manufactured with Titanium alloy, 6Al-4V, which has been used in the most innovative and advanced fields, such as aviation, military and aerospace applications. Its properties make this alloy the best one among the current existing ones for special and critical applications that require high mechanical properties, combined together with features that no other steel alloy tool can reach, like Non-Magnetism.
Many applications require the use of totally non-magnetic tools in order to avoid any magnetic disturbance, such as very sensitive electronic devices used in laboratories, hospitals, power plants, etc.

Egamaster -  Non-Magnetic Titanium

  • MAT.: Ti 6Al-4V
    CompositionV3,5 % - 4,5 %
    Al5,5 % - 6,8 %
    Others<1 %
    Hardness30-40 HRC
    Melting Temperatura1650 °C
    Tensile Strength993 N/mm2


  • Properties Application & benefits
    100% non-magnetic safetyEssential for equipments that require complete
    non-magnetic safety, avoiding magnetic disturbance
    Rustproof (more than stainless steel).Specially well suited for applications in corrosive environments like the ones encountered in
    marine works or fire-fighting applications.
    Extremely Acid Resistant.Perfect for Chemical Industry, long lasting tools.
    Hypoallergenic.Also appropriate for the daily increasing allergies to materials such as Ni, the most frequent allergy,
    present on most of the steel alloys.
    45% lighter than steel.Avoids modern and frequent injuries caused by repetitive load movements,
    such as tendinitis or bursitis.


  • Non-magnetic property Rustproof and acid resistant properties
    NavyOutdoor works
    Electronic and Electric device repairing servicesDock constructions
    Electronic and Electric device manufacturersScuba Diving applications
    Power stationsChemical Industry
    Air ForcesWater De-sallination Installations
    Weapon fabrication
    Railway works Defence
    Telecommunication Air Force
    Aerospace applicationsNavy
    Aviation Pharmaceutical Industries
    High Tech LaboratoriesShip building
    Hospitals (scanners, X-ray, MRI, ECG, Defibrillation devices, CRT…) Offshore oil and gas platforms
    Pharmaceutical IndustriesSalt Industry
    Nuclear Industries
    NMR Magnets, Spectrometers, High Tesla Magnets

    • Titanium tools cannot reach the hardness of conventional tools, due to the fact that the material composition (without carbon) makes it impossible to be heat treated or induction hardened. For this reason the use of Titanium tools has to be carried out with special care, avoiding overstraining, heating etc.
    • The use of titanium Tools must not be the only preventive measure in areas which the items are designed for. Other items, clothes or present material must also be adequate.
    • EGA Master’s titanium Tools are provided with lifetime warranty. In case an EGA Master's tool breaks or fails to perform under normal and correct use, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost. Any misuse, abuse or normal service wear is considered as an exception to the warranty.


    • Did you know that EGA Master titanium tools are used by the CERN laboratory (European Organization for Nuclear Research) which has recently found the Higgs Boson, one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all times? The particles that collide during the experiments are accelerated to speeds that are close to the speed of light by using very powerful electro-magnets. Such magnets require the use of non-magnetic tools, the most non-magnetic of which are the ones made in Titanium by EGA Master.

      Egamaster -  CERN laboratory (European Organization for Nuclear Research)