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EGA Master’s hydraulic torque wrenches have been designed for controlled tightening of nut-bolt connections. The remotely controlled hydraulic flow and pressure supplied by EGA Master hydraulic power units provide the rotation of the nut on the bolt.

Egamaster - Hydraulic torque wrench

The assortment of square drive and hexagonal cassettes hydraulic torque wrenches allows tightening of a very wide range of nut sizes, both in millimeters and inches. Their small dimensions and high durability make them the perfect tool for several sectors: petrochemical industry, wind sector, power generation, naval sector, etc. Square drive wrenches need additional impact socket wrenches while hexagonal cassette ones don't.


  • Egamaster - Common Features

    The 360˚x360˚ swivel allows a total mobility of the hose, making its use easy and confortable


  • Egamaster - Square Drive Torque Wrenches

    Egamaster - Square Drive Torque Wrenches Parts
    1. Laser engraved torque chart for faster access.
    2. 360˚ swivel reaction arm for a correct fitting on any aplication.
    3. Allows the use of the tool without reaction arm.
    4. Allows quick change of direction pushing the square drive, without additional tools (codes 56578, 56572, 56579, 56580).


  • Egamaster - Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Parts

    1. Mono-body housing.

    2. Balanced drive rod.
      Wide load-free piston movement.
    3. Multi-tooth drive segment.
      Ensures up to 27 degree torque stroke.
    4. Anti-back lash mechanism.
      Provides hands free operation.
    5. Laser engraved torque chart.
      No more searching for charts.
    6. Multi-tooth ratchet.
      Strong Vascomax teeth provide strength, accuracy and 27 degree torque stroke.
    7. One piece drive plate.
      One piece Vascomax drive plate provides longer life and increased durability.
    8. Push-through drive.
      Simply push to switch from loosen to tighten.
    9. Single seal piston.
      Assures extended maintenance free operation.
    10. Direct housing reaction.
      Allows use of tool without reaction arm.
    11. Steel reaction boot.
      Field replaceable feature protects reaction arm.
    12. Long length reaction arm.
      Allows for reaction on all applications.
    13. Reaction arm release button.
      Protected within reaction arm housing.
    14. 360°x 360° swivel.
      Allows hose to be cleared on all applications.
    15. No drip quick connect couplers.
      Assures easy and safe operation.
    16. Steel alloy piston.
      Robust composition allows for longer operation cycle.


  • Egamaster - Hexagonal Cassettes Torque Wrenches
    Egamaster - Hexagonal Cassettes Torque Wrenches Parts
    1. Compact size for use in inaccesible places.
    2. Without tools. The pin can be easily removed to change the cassette.
    3. Small nose radius to use in small spaces.


  • Egamaster - Hexagonal Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Parts
    1. “Peanut-shaped” cylinder.
      Fit both the cylinder and link in confined areas.
    2. Engagement rod.
      Automatically engages link on the first stroke.
    3. Never-lock drive paw.
      Ensures tool will never lock on.
    4. Multi-tooth ratchet.
      Allows for 27 degree torque stroke accuracy.
    5. One piece drive plate.
      Robust alloy provides for small nose radius.
    6. Link pin.
      One pin for link to cylinder engagement, no tools required.
    7. In-line reaction pad.
      Assures free reaction every time.
    8. Steel alignment pin.
      Assures equal load displacement between side plates.
    9. Completely flat design.
      Cylinder and link width are equal for tight fits.
    10. 360˚x 360˚ swivel.
      Allows hose to be cleared on all applications.
    11. Propietary piston seal.
      Provides years of maintenance free use.
    12. Slider.
      Prevents wear of piston and drive plate and reduces cost of repairs.

    Some situations where hexagonal torque wrenches can be useful

    1. Bolt, Nut
    2. Overlength of bolt
    3. The bolt with two nuts
    4. Bolt, Nut
    5. Mínimo espacio con la parte superior
    6. Mínima separación entre tuercas
    7. Narrow distance between bolt and nut