A world developing exponentially fast, creates increasing needs on safety and technologically advanced applications. EGA Master has developed a new range of stainless steel tools to provide solutions to some of these needs.
420 * stainless steel contributes to avoid contaminations, rusting and complying with clean room environment requirements.

(*) The stainless steel roller cabinets are made of 430 stainless steel.

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  • Property required Where needed Sectors Why not carbon steel Why stainless steel
    Zero or low tolerance to contamination and particles Sterile production in critical environments Laboratories They can only be sterilized few dozens of times, as the chrome plating used to avoid rust will deteriorate and chip off with
    time, contaminating
    the process
    Materials and finishing used
    in their production enables sterilizing them thousands of times
    Biotech and biomedical
    Nutrient production
    Nuclear industry
    Silicone wafer
    Food processing
    Wet process facilities
    Avoiding premature rust of parts by particle contamination Using tools on Stainless Steel
    components such as screws, nuts, washers,
    pipes, bars, etc.
    Ship building Carbon steel tools can leave small particles on stainless steel components, which will get
    contaminated, and
    make them rust
    Stainless steel tools will not contaminate
    other SS components and thus not make them get rusted
    Marine applications
    Chemical Industries
    Increasing tool lifetime Corrosive environments Naval ( vessels / ship maintenance) Carbon steel tools, even when they are chrome plated, will rust quickly in highly corrosive areas,
    leaving them unusable and having to replace them frequently
    Stainless steel is a low carbon
    steel enriched with above 10% chromium, which allows the formation of an invisible chromium oxide layer that protects the core from
    rusting. Even when the layer is damaged
    chemically or mechanically, the oxygen of the environment will repair
    the layer again
    Offshore (Oil & Gas / Wind Power…)
    Nuclear Power plants
    Chemical industries
    Humid environments
    Wet processing
    Water desalination
    Salt production
    Water treatment plants

    As with carbon steels, there are dozens of different stainless steels, each of them presenting different properties for different applications. Some are more resistant to rust, some other are stronger, some harder… But non of them is best in all properties. EGA Master has chosen 420 stainless steel for the manufacturing its tools, as it combines optimally different properties required for manufacturing and use of stainless steel tools.

    Hardness38-48 HRc
    Tensile Strength1200-1500 N/mm2 (MPa)

    Properties Aplication & benefits
    Avoiding contaminationNo iron or chrome-nickel contamination
    SterilizationThousands of sterilizing processes
    DurabilityCombination of hardness, resistance and antirust protection makes it most durable
    CostBeing a mass production alloy together with having good manufacturing properties
    makes it most cost effective for tool manufacturing

    MAT: 420
    CompositionC0,16 - 0,25 %
    Mn≤ 1,00 %
    Si≤ 1,00 %
    Cr12 % - 14 %

    In EGA Master we are sure that prevention is the most effective cure not only for increased safety, but also from an cost effective point of view. Eliminating the risk of ferrous transfer is a key factor for increasing profitability on the long term, while keeping processes, and people, safe.

  • These tools are not classified as non-magnetic but tools made of martensitic – ferromagnetic stainless steel whose magnetic permeability is much higher than the unit. 

    Egamaster -  INOX