1000 V IEC 60900

EGA Master offers a huge range of safety 1000 V insulated handtools: pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, tweezers, knives, sockets, spanners, hacksaws…

Egamaster - 1000 V

  1. Impact test
  2. Dielectric test at 10.000 V
  3. Penetration test
  4. Testing of adhesiveness
  5. Heat resistance test

EGA Master insulated tools comply with IEC 60900 international standard, each one of the pieces being tested at 10.000 V (10 times the voltage we certify). They are also tested rigorously according to what the norms establishes: adherence test, impact test, flame propagation test and dielectric penetration test.

Egamaster - 1000 V

  1. Double hard-soft PVC insulation provides maximum adherence and safety.
  2. Anti-shock guards and ends.
  3. Un-erasable laser marking.

  • Electrical installationLow Voltage networks
    Power plantsTelecomunications
    Electric stations and substationsElectric maintenance
    High Voltage networksFire-fighters
    Lighting installation and repair

    • Don’t ever use tools under voltage if they present pores, fissures, encrusted elements or if the yellow insulation layer is visible.
    • Insulating floors and safety shoes are recommended to work under voltage.
    • Avoid contact with water while working under voltage.
    • Do not ever touch directly any item that may be under voltage. Use a voltage tester to check first.